ShadeMaker is a nickname given to us by a hiker whom we met at Phelps Lake,  Grand Teton National Park. YuHsi, like many hikers in Taiwan, would bring his umbrella on his trip, not just for the rain, but also for the shade. We also brought an umbrella on our grande tour year, even to the Israeli Negev Desert.

As a professional guide, YuHsi always prepares a tarp for the group. This provides safety and great comfort during emergency, and more often be the exchange center shared by teammates and any passing travelers. We would brew tea and coffee, cook meals, share stories, update trail information, and create memories together, all under the shade.   

So… would you like to join us for a cup of tea, some nice chat under the shade, exchange your story with us, and let the memory of our shared moment accompany you for the journey ahead?

See you in the wild, my friend.

ShadeMakerTeam 專門舉辦全球登山健行活動,產品行程構成皆由嚮導群本身在海外研習或遠征時的體驗為依據,提供安全協助與指導,帶您一同探索新的未知,享受自然給予的真誠與無拘無束。


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